November 2017

Match ID System

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In Call to Battle 1, gamemodes were really messy. In terms of not only physically, but in code as well. In Call to Battle 2, they have been rewritten to be clean, organized, and optimized!

Among other changes, one of the largest changes is the new Match ID System. For each battle, a Match ID is generated. World objects such as machine guns also have a match ID. To ensure proper resetting, all the world objects will compare their Match ID against the current one, if it doesn't match, then it will reset. Machine Guns will be refilled, AI(If present) will be removed, and much more!

Pacific Front Contest Winners Announced!

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The results are here! Ahead are the top 5 winners! But you'll notice, we start with 4th place..... you'll find out why as you read through each winner.

First off, there has also been some slight changes to prizes. The first of which was previously announced, rather than a gold skin, the grand prize winner gets a Type 100 skin with colors of their choice instead!

The other changes are: