January 2018

Blitzkrieg Contest Winners Announced!

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It's the start of a new year. A time to look back... to the start of the war. The Blitzkrieg contest results are here!

For those who were not aware, the contests were to choose from 3 countries that were invaded during the Blitzkrieg: Poland, Norway, and Belgium. The winner.... would get that faction added to the game! 

In addition to the faction being added, the winner will also be able to test the weapons as they are added to the game. Once the faction is finished, then it will be released to everyone else!


"Heavy Hitters" Update

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First of all, I'd like to thank wildernessConoeist for making this update possible. =)

The "Heavy Hitters" update adds 2 new high caliber weapons: The M2 Browning and the Boys AT Rifle. They will both be mountable on various maps on the official server, and the Boys AT Rifle will be added to the Rifleman class, which previously felt quite empty.

Both of them are extremely powerful, as they are high caliber. I hope you all enjoy them!

Happy New Year!

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Happy new year!

We made it to 2018! Since release, countless bugs have been fixed and now Call to Battle 2 is a stable, very fun warfare experience that many enjoy, me included! One of my favorite pastimes has become playing CTB2 with you all.

One announcement, is that I finally released Call to Battle on CurseForge! It should also be on Minecraft Forum and Technic in the next couple weeks.


The dawn of a new year is a time not only for looking ahead, it is a time for looking back at what the previous year brought. I however, am looking back even farther.