November 2018

CtB - Airborne (Coming 12/2/18)

Preview Image: 

CtB - Airborne is coming very soon! Not only will it feature airborne forces, maps, and weapons, but also one of the most highly anticipated factions!


The picture at the top of this post displays the roadmap for the CtB-Airborne update! Plenty of maps, new units, and more.

Watch out for it, CtB - Airborne deploys 12/2/18!


You can watch the official trailer here:

Red October Update

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To celebrate the end of October, the Red October Update is here to bring new Soviet maps, weapons, and more!


To thank those that have supported me in the past, I've added a new Russian WW1 kit to the WW1 kits pack free of charge. Thank you so much for your support!


Because of the new kit, the pack has now increased in value. Those who support me and fund further development early on, get rewarded the most!

This kit comes with the primary weapon - Federov Avtomat, plus a unique uniform with a cloak and special cap.