Blitzkrieg Contest Winners Announced!

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It's the start of a new year. A time to look back... to the start of the war. The Blitzkrieg contest results are here!

For those who were not aware, the contests were to choose from 3 countries that were invaded during the Blitzkrieg: Poland, Norway, and Belgium. The winner.... would get that faction added to the game! 

In addition to the faction being added, the winner will also be able to test the weapons as they are added to the game. Once the faction is finished, then it will be released to everyone else!


Here are the submissions:

3rd Place - TheKingDG

A good sized map, TheKingDG has some neat terrain work.The map is based on the invasion of Narvik in Norway.

2nd Place - Dectec

Where do I start? Dectec's map, the Battle of Kock is fantastic. The amount of improvement I have seen in his skills is just astounding. I actually recommend you check him out all his maps here just so you can see how much his skills has improved! This one even beats his last map by far, which was still really good(And scored 3rd place in the Pacific Mapping Contest).

The screenshot doesn't do it justice in any way, partially because many of the chunks weren't loaded at the time of the picture. You'll have to try it out once it's on the official server and see for yourselves how epic it is!


1st Place - Fresan 

Fresan's map came as as huge surprise to us. We had seen a couple pictures of the early stages, which did not impress us. I thought for sure Dectec was going to win. But when the judges loaded it up after he submitted it, nearly every judge voted for him. Very expansive and detailed, Fresan's Hegra Fortress took first place!


What this means is..... 


Norway is the next faction!


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