Happy New Year!

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Happy new year!

We made it to 2018! Since release, countless bugs have been fixed and now Call to Battle 2 is a stable, very fun warfare experience that many enjoy, me included! One of my favorite pastimes has become playing CTB2 with you all.

One announcement, is that I finally released Call to Battle on CurseForge! It should also be on Minecraft Forum and Technic in the next couple weeks.


The dawn of a new year is a time not only for looking ahead, it is a time for looking back at what the previous year brought. I however, am looking back even farther.

When one sees "Omaha" in the map voting screen, they are often drawn towards it. Memories of classics such as Saving Private Ryan fill their head. But when the match starts, the Allied forces just hop their way happily up the beach, taking point after point with relative ease. The battlefield is as peaceful as Bob Ross compared to what it was like in real life.

In reality, Omaha was a mess. The Allies were struggling inch by inch up the beach, torn apart by machinegun fire with little to no cover. What is missing? The machine gun fire.

Call to Battle 1 itself, was very unpolished and didn't have very solid gameplay. But Omaha Beach, is something I got right. A foggy beach loomed ahead, and those who stood out in the open got mowed down. To advance, you had to run from cover to cover, very carefully. Instead of losing every time, the defenders would sometimes win on the first capture point. It was legitametly scary to be an Allied soldier, and portrayed the battle very well.

A solution

What's the difference? The recent update made it so that it is possible to easily mount an MG by pressing F. That wasn't it. When it's players mounting MGs, not enough mount to make a difference. It's when each and every MG is mounted that this experience comes true, and that is done through bots.

But, bots were not included for a reason on the official server! As most of the community agreed, they made gameplay more dry and less about player vs player. Un-player like movement patterns, easy to mow down, bots took away from immersion on all but one map: Omaha Beach.

I am not proposing we add bots back to fill up teams. What I am proposing, is that bots will spawn onto empty machineguns on Omaha Beach. That is it, no bots derping their way up the beach or through Omaha's trenches, just German bots on the machineguns, restoring the horifying experience that truly reflects Omaha Beach!

This could apply to other maps as well. For example, Saipan could have bots spawn on the MGs in the bunkers, making advancing up the beach a bit more difficult.

But I want to use the MGs!

Don't worry, bots are only replacing the absence of players who want to use the MGs. For those who actually do, you would be able to right click or press "F" on a bot, and it would be removed from the MG so you may mount it!


I won't implement these changes unless you agree with them too, so vote here!


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