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In Call to Battle 1, gamemodes were really messy. In terms of not only physically, but in code as well. In Call to Battle 2, they have been rewritten to be clean, organized, and optimized!

Among other changes, one of the largest changes is the new Match ID System. For each battle, a Match ID is generated. World objects such as machine guns also have a match ID. To ensure proper resetting, all the world objects will compare their Match ID against the current one, if it doesn't match, then it will reset. Machine Guns will be refilled, AI(If present) will be removed, and much more!

This means transitions between matches will be very smooth, where in the first Call to Battle things would often be left over from the previous match.


What is the role of AI in Call to Battle 2?

With an expected larger amount of active players, AI will play a smaller role in CTB 2. To keep the battles based around real players as nearly everyone wants, AI in CTB 2 will have to be voted in. If voted in, it will only be present during that match, and need to be voted in again in the next match. This is made possible through the Match ID System!


What about local worlds?

In Call to Battle 1, the gamemodes were super complex and practically impossible for anyone but the devs to set up. The main gamemodes that will be on the CTB 2 server, such as Assault and Engagement, will still be that way, as they are truly advanced team-based gamemodes.

However, so that you can still enjoy CTB 2 battles offline, we have added a simple gamemode that can be set up with just a few clicks! It's called "Quick Skirmish". All you will need to do to setup this gamemode is grab the setup tool, and use it to choose the Ally and Axis spawnpoints, and the central point that they are fighting over.


It's that simple!


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