Pacific Front Contest Winners Announced!

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The results are here! Ahead are the top 5 winners! But you'll notice, we start with 4th place..... you'll find out why as you read through each winner.

First off, there has also been some slight changes to prizes. The first of which was previously announced, rather than a gold skin, the grand prize winner gets a Type 100 skin with colors of their choice instead!

The other changes are:

  • 2nd place prize - will be announced within a week (The winner will also receive this prize)
  • Participation prize - will also be announced within a week. This is the first mapping contest, and we want to thank you all for participating! (Everyone will receive this prize, including the winner)

Prizes will be available to access upon the release of CTB 2 this winter! As aforementioned in the original contest announcement, the top 5 maps will eventually be on the server as well. The contestant's name will be featured in the map loading screen, to get their name out there! (Some of the top 5 submissions may not be ready to put on the server directly upon release, but will certainly be there soon after! 2nd and 1st place submissions without a doubt will be ready upon release.)

After the top 5 submissions is a section detailing the scoring system, be sure to read it if you are interested!

Here are the top 5 submissions:

4th Place - Creatus

Creatus's map, although small, has a very unique build style, as well as a good sized warehouse building that would make for very intense fighting. His MG pit designs are also a really a fantastic and unique implementation! It truly has originality.


3rd Place - dectec

Dectec's submission is huge! It starts with scaling cliffs on a beach landing, crossing over a large charred battlefield with plenty of trenches and obstacles! A very unique factor is that some of the tunnels in the trenches are flooded, after which is a forest leading up to an airfield. It has a very solid flow of battle, and good overall design. 

2nd Place - Jajanou

Jajanou's build style most accurately reflects Asian buildings, as confirmed by the administrator and contest judge Richardo, a South Korean! While the map is on the smaller side, each structure is very detailed and lifelike! The map contains a beach landing with bunkers, a short trek through a jungle, a airfield, and finally the village in the screenshot above! An absolutely beautiful and detailed map.


2nd Place - Exacto Knife(Doggo)

Wait, another second place? Yes, Exacto Knife and Jajanou tied for second place! That's why we started with 4th place. After you find out who the winner is, be sure to keep reading to find out how our scoring system works.

Having shown no prior screenshots before submitting the map, we weren't sure what to expect when we recieved Exacto Knife's submission. When we loaded up the world, we were pleasantly surprised! Large and good looking, his map definitely earned his high score. It starts off with the U.S. marines climbing over a large cliff, crossing the expansive battlefield depicted above, and ends with a final fight in a Pacific town. 


1st Place - Meme Potato(Po Tato)

The effort is extremely apparent in this map. I was almost across the first island, and was thinking to myself "this is a decent sized map". Then I found the bridge. "Wait, there's more?" I exclaimed. With intricate details, great design and flow, Po Tato's map takes the prize. It even has an underground tunnel system! He truly gave his all in designing this map. After an intense struggle across the first island which was filled with all sorts of structures, you arrive at the bridge. (Which will be a very unique point to fight on, especially with CTB 2's destruction physics._ After that comes a camp, and a large cavern base for the Japanese.


Scoring system

Our scoring system is based off a score between 1 and 10 across 4 categories. These categories are:

  • Visuals
  • Map Design
  • Flow
  • Effort

We had a total of 5 judges, and waited for each one to input their scores before totalling the score.

It was a very close competition. At first, it looked like dectec was going to win, when Jajanou's score suddenly beat him by a small amount. Then Exacto's Knife surprise map earned him the same score as Jajanou, resulting in a tie for first!

We had only seen early pictures of Po Tato's map, so our expected result was that they would remain tied for first. However, when we had a chance to explore the map ourselves, it greatly impressed the judges.

It still didn't look like it would be enough for Po Tato to win, until the final judge gave his vote: He was so impressed by Po Tato's map that he gave a near-perfect score!


We had a lot of fun judging this contest, and we hope that everyone else enjoyed both participating or simply watching it happen!


Thank you so much to all who participated, each and every one of you truly earned your prize!


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