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As you all know, Fresan's beautiful map won the Blitzkrieg mapping contest, making Norway the next faction!

So, how is that going?

Well, as you all know, lately in my life there is unfortunately a lot less time. But, you can help with that. First off, I'd like to say Norway is around 60% done. However, though it is getting really close to completion, the progress is sadly, stalling.

How can you help?

Instead of struggle to get time on my own, I realize that I do have a community. So, instead of go through this alone, I say we go through this together. I ask for your help. I do not offer nothing in return either.

Of course, your help would offer the promise of the new Norwegian Faction much quicker. But more than that, if you support the development of Norway, you get to BETA TEST the Norwegian weapons that have been added so far before the update is released to the public.You get a sneak peak, and these weapons can be used on both local worlds and the official server! Click below for more details. But that's not all you'll get...

Support the finishing of Norway Here!

In addition to beta testing Norwegian weapons, you will also recieve a EXCLUSIVE ONE-OF-A-KIND skin for the upcoming AG-42, which is part of the Norwegian weapon testing set. The AG-42 - Blitzkrieg will NEVER be available again outside of this. That is because it is a huge Thank You for you allowing me to spend more time doing what I so very much enjoy!

If you are helping Call to Battle get new content while remaining free, you deserve a thank you not only from me, but from the entire community. Which is why I designed this special skin as a Thank You for people like you!

It features a darker worn wood colour, with a blitzkrieg decal and a worn Norwegian flag. It's the skin I'm the most proud of, so far. 



So I just got on to play some CTB2 (My favorite mod btw) but when I hit Join Official Server it loaded for a second then said "Fatally missing blocks and Items" I play on technic btw. I was wondering if there was a update but Beardie forgot to add it to Technic.

Sorry, don't mean to spam you

Sorry, don't mean to spam you but I forgot some things.

Sorry for replying to a blog on something completely unrelated to my question I didn't know where else to post my problem. I know my post is really vague so basically I'm asking if there is an update for the Mod that didn't make it to technic or if it is a problem related to something else. If so could you help me please?

Yeah, I forgot to upload it

Yeah, I forgot to upload it to Technic! I'll do so right now.

Thank you!

Thank you!

waiting for Sovient

waiting for Sovient


Beardie can't do Soviets because nobody cares! Everyone spams him with asking for Sovients but he can't unless the community supports him! But when he tells them that, they stop responding because they dont care

they dont care that he spend over 8,000 hours on this and released all for free because honor his Great Grandpa!!! He has big dreams but the community holds him down

I di math, and if this was a real job because he would have recieved over 160,000 dollars for all the time he spent. But no he release all for free because he nice to people and he want to honor WW2 Veteran


He is the best, friendlyest dev I met, why would you buy 50 bf1 DLC? No, give him 50 instead so he can make Russia, and not just one person gets it EVERYONE GETS IT

I give a little but I could not much, just enough for finish Norway. But now he needs support so he can do Russia too

Please, donate to him here so he can finnish Russia

A problem

Sorry for posting on an unrelated blog again but I have a problem. Every time I load into a new match all my levels restart. Is this a new game mechanic or a problem if so do you know how to fix it? Sorry to bother you.

Of course it's not a game

Of course it's not a game mechanic, but are you saying everytime you join the server, or litterally everytime the map changes???

Yeah didn't think it was a

Yeah didn't think it was a game mechanic but I just wanted to be sure. Every time I join the server all my levels reset, it worked fine before the update but now every time I join all my levels (Assault, Riflemen, Technician, Marksman) for every team is reset back to level 1. Before the update I had 15 levels with German Assault but when I joined I was back to level 1, at that point I thought it was just the update but then I quit for a bit got back on and then I joined and selected Germany but all my assault levels were gone again.

I think it's just bad timing,

I think it's just bad timing, because I accidentally lost some playerdata that was gained yesterday.

I'm going to be out for a few hours, but if you join the discord server, we can join the server at the same time and I'll give your levels back.

Then you can relog and see if it happens again.

Ok yeah I can join the

Ok yeah I can join the Discord server, I will probably log on at 3-5 everyday. Thanks for the helping!


I hope Russia/USSR will be added, as I look forward to the Mosin Nagant.

Unfortunately.... if you read

Unfortunately.... if you read this blog post you'd realize I'm struggling to even get a faction as small as Norway. I expected community support.... I expected the community to appreciate the fact I had spent 8,000+ hours working on Call to Battle and released it all for free, with no pay to win.

Sadly, that was not the case, and community support is nonexistent. Nobody is willing to support me, so no longer can I spend much time working on what I so much used to enjoy.... =(

I think, unless things turn around, at this point Norway may very well be the last nation to be added.... which saddens me greatly. There are so many I wanted to add.....

Just hold strong till summer

Just hold strong till summer rolls around. That will probably be when most people's birthdays are and they'll ask their parents if they can buy a skin pack or something.

If I can give you some

If I can give you some advice, treat this like a hobby, that's what mevans does and it has worked out pretty well for him. If you treat this like a hobby you can spend your extra time doing this if you put 30 minutes a day into this mod(If you could manage it) then you would get quite a bit done. We don't expect you to pull factions or nations out of thin air we know and respect that you have a life. Already you have made a great mod with only 3 nations. We'll understand if your extra time runs a bit thinner than before. You don't need to follow what I say it's just some friendly advice. You don't need to put all your free time into this mod we'll understand if your personal life gets in the way but I'm begging you don't give up.

A hobby? What else was it

A hobby? What else was it before, I wonder haha? Well, back when I had tons of free time, I poured my life into it in honor of my Great Grandpa. Over 8,000 hours of my life were poured into this. But now that I no longer have the time, the community doesn't appreciate that enough to give me the support I need to continue doing what I so very much enjoy! At this point, it can't even really be a hobby without community support.

Unfortunately, with programming in modeling, even 30 minutes is nothing. Goes by in a blink of an eye. 30 minutes is only time for a minor bug fix, so lately when I do have just 30 minutes, that's all I can do.

"We don't expect you to"

I appreciate it, but you are just a select few. Over 75% of the community unfortunately do not understand. I'm glad of course, there are a few out there who do.

But I fear, unless community support changes, Norway will be the last faction. I don't want to end on this note. But there's no other choice at this point, unfortunately, unless something changes. In this day and age, nearly everyone does not appreciate free anymore.

I should have spent all that free time in the past making an actual game, because today I would be continually funded by it to have more free time to continue working on it. But instead, I expected that people would actually care about what I do all for free in honor of my Great Grandpa. My mistake. I grew up in the wrong generation, I suppose.

Guess the community is okay with sitting back and watching game development skills go to waste...... =(

A shame. This was a great

A shame. This was a great mod, I hope the community will support you, I wish good luck to you and may the road of life take you far.

Why do not you put all the

Why do not you put all the types of games that should be in call to battle 2?

Please explain this message

Please explain this message =P

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