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Almost 3 years ago, in a galaxy bedroom far far away...

I right clicked on the forge 1.6.4 src folder, clicked new package, and gave it the name "ww2". I right clicked on that package. New > Class. I gave it the name.... WWII.java.

That day, was the birth of Call to Battle. I did not even know it would become, or be named yet. But about year later, I released what you now know as Call to Battle. 

Well over a year has passed since that day, and now we are on the verge of Call to Battle 2.

Why Call to Battle 2?

After the release of the first Call to Battle, there were a lot of new features I wanted to add, and a lot of things I wanted to improve. For example, animations were choppy, recoil system felt extremely unnatural and client -> server communication was poor to say the least.

I kept trying to address these, and many others. However, all the code was so cluttered I could barely do anything. When I tried to improve the recoil system I only ended up making it worse. Creating Call to Battle had caused my programming skills to skyrocket. Though my skills were among the top modmakers, I could not do much in such a cluttered programming environment.

I realized I needed to rewrite, well nearly everything!

Starting from scratch

For example, in Call to Battle 1, the Gun Item class was around 3,000 lines! If you know anything about programming, you'd know that would be a pain to navigate, and trying to modify anything let alone add new features would be strenous beyond belief. Not to mention, unoptomized!

I rewrote the entire Gun Item class, and when done it had about only 700 lines of code! At this time, it has increased to about 1,000, but not only do the guns have the same amount of features, they have more than Call to Battle 1! This is all while having around 2,000 less lines.

After I started rewriting most of the mod, updating all the models and animations, I began to realize that this could not simply be called Call to Battle anymore. It was, without a doubt, a sequal, as it had been rewritten from scratch. (Amusingly, the package name is "ctb" and the main class is CTB.java, where in Call to Battle 1, it was "ww2" and WWII.java respectively)

Smooth animations, good client -> server communication, even further improved models, those are examples of what has been made better in Call to Battle 2. But, it's not just improvements. There is so much NEW content. 

Progression and Classes

In this post, I will be sharing the new Class and Progression system!

Call to Battle 2 contains 5 classes, where the original did not have a clear class system. It had to be set up manually, for each map. As a result, as some of the people who played on the official server noted, there was some major class discrepencies between maps.

The classes in CTB 2, are as follows:


The backbone of any assault, the rifleman can carry the most equipment, 3 slots in total. (Equipment are extras such as grenade pouches for more grenades, a holster for a sidearm, bandages, etc.) 
Rifleman can choose binoculars to call in support, such as Artillery or Banzai charges. They also can get Med Kits, to fully treat injured teammates.


The Assault class is for getting up close and personal. Armed with submachineguns and in some cases, Assault Rifles, Assault soldiers are perfect for storming bases.


Technician is among one of the most useful classes for your team. Satchel charges allow you to bring down structures, or blast through bunker doors. They also have wire cutters for getting through barbed wire! Technicians are armed with Carbines, Light SMGs, and Shotguns.


A support soldier is vital to both advances and defence. Armed with a Light Machine Gun, Support provides the cover fire your team needs, or helps suppress attackers trying to storm your base.


Picking off priority targets from afar, a Marksman is typically armed with the same weapons as the Rifleman class, except with scopes. 

The loadout system in the original Call to Battle could take minutes to get ready to battle, you even needed to set the amount of ammo you wanted!


If it was not already obvious by the screenshot above, CTB 2 has a progression system. You gain experience by capturing bases, taking out enemies, as well as other actions! But, before we continue it must be made real clear. Plenty of games, the higher tier weapons will allow you to completely outmatch your opponents. There will be none of this in Call to Battle, everything will be completely skill based. Higher tier weapons instead, get more and more unique! 
I am also heavily against agonizing grinds. In a certain WWII game that will not be named, it was so grindy unless you threw money at them, that it was comparably stressful to working at a fast food resteraunt! I strongly believe that videogames should be a stress-reliever, not yet another thing to add to it in our lives.

A good team player should be able to advance rather quickly instead of painfully, so in Call to Battle 2, we have chosen quantity of unlocks instead of long grinds between unlocks.

Over 60 firearms across 3 nations and 5 classes, there is so much to unlock, but best of all, it will be fun instead of stressful.


In Call to Battle 2, the loadout system is simpler than ever to use, but also more in-depth at the same time. The supply point system remains, but now the amount of ammo, grenades, and other factors are determined by which equipment you select! Unlike the first CTB, you will always receive ammo no matter what, 1 mag pouch set, containing the historical amount. You may carry an extra mag pouch set on you in one of your equipment slots! Likewise, you may choose to instead fill that equipment slot with a grenade pouch, for more grenades, or a holster so that you may carry a sidearm.


Call to Battle 2 releases on 12/17/2017! See you on the battlefield, soldiers!


Good luck!

I like your mod Beardielover, please don't work yourself too hard!


Thank you, I appreciate it!

I heard somewhere that the

I heard somewhere that the mod will be supporting content packs like Flans Mod sometime in the future, is that going to be in this release?

Probably Not

The answer is: No, not on the coming release. There are still ongoing disputes within the devs team whether content pack should be implemented.

Currently, most members does not vouch for content pack features, but that may change in the future.

Hope this was helpful.
- Richardo99110 (CTB Admin)

I love this mod :)

I love this mod :)

I have a bug game in single

I have a bug game in single player with optifine and it is that they freeze the bots in their spawn and they do not do anything you can fix it please

ps: I'm sorry google translator

bem lookooo

bem loko

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