Winter War Contest Winners Announced!

Preview Image: 

The results of Call to Battle's third contest are in..... Winter war!


3rd Place - Fresan

As usual with maps by Fresan, the terrain is very impressive! Not too many structures are present in the map, but that also gives it a very natural feel, not all battles even had buildings nearby! 


2nd Place - Gunmetal_Blood

Gunmetal Blood's map takes second place! A good sized map that does a great job of representing the Mannerheim Line. The structures are very detailed, and the terrain is equally impressive.


2nd Place - Blaster Master

NOPE! It's not a mistype, Gunmetal_Blood and Blaster Master are tied for second!

Taking place in a narrow valley, Blaster Master's map should prove for some very interesting battles! I'm excited to play it.



1st Place.............



Where do I start? This map, is incredible. Extremely large and very very detailed. So much obvious effort was put into every single area of the map... words can't do it justice, you'll have to experience it for yourself! Each building has a great style, the terrain is also fantastic. It has a wonderful transition from outskirts to towns, and well.... you'll all get to see for yourselves soon enough :)


Thank you all so much for participating, I hope you enjoy your prizes! I'm looking forward to playing your maps in War in the East!



I will make a map for the next contest, plus great maps by Potatoman

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