Credits & Thanks

This page is dedicated to all who have made Call to Battle 2 a possibility and have helped it grow! 


First off, we would like to thank a recent extreme supporter:


He has made so much possible! I'm sure you will all see the fruits of his funding and amazing support of Call to Battle 2. Trust me, some epic stuff is coming thanks to him!


Next up, is Rem_Masterz. He has been supporting me since before Call to Battle, back when it was just the Defender Mod. We have been friends for a long time, and the computer I used throughout 2017 was built by him! 

Before that, I had a horrid laptop, he boosted my programming speed tenfold. My current computer still even bears the power supply that was in the computer he built for me, his support still is affecting me to this day.

Richardo, one of our administrators, is also on the list of top people who deserves thanks! He has supported me since the birth of the original Call to Battle, and is the reason we have a server! Make sure you tell him thank you next time you see him in CTB chatroom =)


Now it is time to thank the rest of the Administration team!

First off, Unknown025 has been our good friend and with us since the original Call to Battle, just like Richardo. His adminstrator abilities are fantastic, and his ability to handle situations is top-notch.

Dectec! A map builder with increasing skill, he is an amazing Administrator who is also very active! And very Australian.... ;)

Spaceleader, Shokora-Chan, Ilya-san I don't know what to call him as he keeps changing his username! A great administrator, who started out as a moderator around the end of summer 2017, and ended up going from Head Moderator to Administrator before the release of Call to Battle 2! That should say something about his quality.

Fresan, newly made administrator, has been a great staff member and builder for a very long time!


A huge thanks to our active moderators as well, namely dectec! A map builder with increasing skill, he is our best moderator as well as the most active.



Finally, we must thank you, the community, for playing and enjoying Call to Battle with us! Without you and all the people listed above, there would be no Call to Battle.