Development Roadmap

Call to Battle still has a long way to go to accomplish my original dream.


And I can't do it without you. What is my original dream, you ask?

"Call to Battle2  brings back not only the nostalgic experience of America vs. Germany, but hopes to bring countries not observed by conventional games."

This is part of the main description. To clarify, I've dreamed of adding nearly every nation that fought in World War II, both big and small! This roadmap is my goals for the future of Call to Battle. My dreams of what it could be. However, it won't go anywhere without your help.... we are part of the way to USSR already! Let's get there.




Now, while looking at the roadmap you may be confused by some things. For example, any devout Soviet admirers will instantly wonder why there is anything in front of it. Questions like this are answered directly underneath the roadmap. Short Answer: It's not hindering Soviets at all, just getting extra features on the way!




Soviet Admirer: Ok, now first question. Why is there any little features before USSR?

The path to the USSR is a long one, it's a huge faction. We're already halfway there though, thankfully. If I removed those smaller features from the roadmap though, it wouldn't really get the USSR added any faster. They are small enough that they won't really get in the way of the USSR as it progressively gets closer to being fully funded while taking them away would only create a huge gap of nothingness. Instead, we'll still get new features on the road to the USSR.

French: Why is my country last on the list??????

First off, I'd like to say the French Resistance is awesome. I just haven't worked out when I'd want to do that, or even if it would fit CTB. Currently, it's not on the list. However France as a nation, did not really do all that much in the war. Hate to break it to you, but yes, France surrendered in just six weeks.

But when the French people are associated with surrender, that is completely incorrect. It was the nation that surrendered, not the people. The people rose up to form one of the most active resistance networks of the entire war. If I ever do anything resistance related in Call to Battle, you can be sure the French Resistance will be the first to be added. 

Any other questions about the ordering? Feel free to ask!