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I need your help!

For it's 3+ years of development, Call to Battle still hasn't reached it's original goal to represent all nations both big and small. But you can change that. We've gotten closer, but I need your help. See the roadmap here! It won't take much to get there, but unfortunately too few have been willing to help.

You can change that. Call to Battle has had over 10,000 hours of development put into it and released free of charge with no pay to win. Let's keep it that way, and still accomplish the original dream. 

Another way to help.... Hero Kits! These have exclusive weapons and 3D Uniforms with mag pouches and equipment. They can be used both the Official Server and singleplayer worlds. The goal of Hero Kits, is to make sure factions like the USSR and Britain actually get funded!




Download Call to Battle Here: