Will you add <Insert Country Here>?

I hope to add every country that fought a decent amount in the war. I.E. Finland, China, Poland. As a community member, your support will help me reach this goal!


Will you add <Insert Weapon Here>?

If it's not some obscure, barely used weapon, it's already on my list. I extensively research World War Two, especially the firearms. Most people assume a weapon isn't in the mod because I "forgot" to add it. Either I haven't had time to yet, or it's not being added.  
If your question is whether the weapon counts as obscure, I'll leave that up to you to figure out, I like things to be a surprise =D


Are you adding <Insert support called in by NCO such as mortar here>?

If it was used often, yes. Again, I have studied World War 2 an insane amount. If there is a weapon that was used a decent amount, I know about it =)


Are you planning on making Tanks or Planes?

The main focus of this mod is infantry. Not only would trying to make Tanks or planes stretch us across trying to make two things great, decreasing the quality of both, it would also deter from the main focus only serving to ruin my vision and goals for Call to Battle2. However, we consider vehicles such as landing craft, Jeeps, etc. a good addition to infantry combat and they might be added in the future. Tanks and Planes, however, would turn battles away from the infantry combat that Call to Battle is founded upon.


Non-CTB Inquiries


Are you planning on making <Insert Gun Mod Here>?

Are you planning on making <Insert Gun Mod Here>? World War 2 is my favorite time period, so my main focus will always be the base Call to Battle2 which, of course is World War 2. Although, I may work on add-on mods from time to time in the future. My motivation is part of why Call to Battle is so good and detailed, and that motivation comes from my Great Grandfather, a WW2 veteran. I wouldn't really have much motivation for a different time period. 


Will you support content packs?

The goal is for the main focus to be on World War 2, to honor veterans such as my Great Grandfather. However, in the future, we may support some sort of content pack system. Call to Battle2 uses a custom modeling system as well as a custom modeling written completely from scratch.

If we do support a content pack system, there will be a small fee for a developer license in order to use the modeling program. This to ensure:

  • Only those who truly are willing to put the effort into a content pack make them. This way, we don't have everyone creating packs that misrepresent the true possible quality.
  • The modeler can continue to be supported and receive updates
  • Although the content packs themselves would detract from World War 2, the fee would help ensure that we could keep the server running longer and continue to honor the veterans. We are coming to a generation where there are barely any World War 2 Veterans left, the history must be passed on to them so it is not forgotten.



Will you update to <Insert Version Here>?

Unless 1.7.10 forge breaks completely with a java update like 1.6.4 forge did, it will remain in 1.7.10. Nothing will change my mind for this one. 1.7.10 the most popular version for mods, making no convincing reason to update. Not only that, I would have to upkeep multiple versions because of the amount of people that still use 1.7.10. It would also split the community, so it would be hard for you all to play together on servers. 
Updating is extremely time consuming, and not fun at all, which would completely crush all my motivation, and we wouldn't really have any time to add new content anymore.
It would effectively kill Call to Battle D=

Besides, Call to Battle2 is meant as standalone anyways, and nothing in later versions of vanilla minecraft add anything to the experience. 


When does <Insert Update Here> come out?

Initially I had a lengthy response to this question, but I stumbled across Discord's response to the same type of question. Upon seeing it, I was like "They understand me completely!!!" Their response is short and to the point, neatly explaining why indie programmers do not give out release dates.

To quote them on it:

"We do not give release dates for any of our upcoming features. We do this for a couple of reasons: 1) We don't want to feel pressured to get a feature out by an arbitrary date that might not be ready 2) We'd miss it anyway."