What features do YOU want next?

I have big plans, big ideas for Call to Battle 2.

So many, that it outstretches my ability to achieve them all without your help.

There are countless core features that I know are crucial additions to Call to Battle 2. However, there is plenty of other content, with the time constraints I have, that could never make it past the drawing board.


That's where you come in.

If I could have one wish, it would be for infinite time. I would add all these wonderful ideas! Unfortunately, life gets in the way. Bills to be paid, as well as other necessities prevent me from being able to have time to work on all these ideas. In the free time I do have, I spend nearly every moment of it adding core features to Call to Battle 2.


But now it's time to ask you, what features do you want?

There are plenty of features, completely separated from core game concepts, that would add to immersion and gameplay. Things such as grenade launchers, Volkssturm, and much more!


You, the community, get to decide which of these features actually make it into the game.

How is that? Introducing, fund goals! Instead of just blindly donating, you can donate towards the features you want the most. If funded, these features will make it past the drawing board and into game. You'll also receive a special skin for a weapon as thanks for donating.

"Noooooo! Beardie just wants my money!" "

"Oh great CTB 2 has become a cash grab"

"How could you, you are putting features behind a paywall!"

Above all, I am against putting features behind a paywall. If a feature is funded, everyone gets it. Nothing is more annoying to me than when in a game a community gets split up due to DLC.



Now, why am I doing this? I absolutely want to do each and every one of these ideas!‚Äč But, I can't exactly take time away from developing core functionality and fixing bugs, otherwise we will be left with an incomplete game with random additional features being worked on at the cost of the quality of gameplay. =(

What I can do, is take time off my job or other important things in life to create these features. But, if I do that, how will I pay for bills, gas, and a server for you guys to play on? Each one of these fund goals is priced based on the amount of time I would have to take off to create these. With your help, I can accomplish these dreams!

But I have left it up to you to decide, which are most important to you? What features, do YOU want next?